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By Hobart SEO Consultant


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Welcome TCCI Members

You’re here because you have an interest in digital marketing services – which is exactly what I offer.

Hobart SEO Consultant offers a range of web of services that uses the power of online mediums to help attract and capture new customers for Tasmanian business owners.

New technology and marketing strategies often create a perception of being expensive – but they really don’t have to be. Hobart SEO Consultant is owned and operated by one highly experienced individual. That owner/operator approach ensures clear communication, rapid response times and reduced overheads. When combined these strengths lead to affordable solution for digital marketing.


Services Available

Domain & Server Management

I will manage your domain name and web server for you site.

Complete Website Creation

Design and development for websites.

Web Security & Encryption

Your website will be fast and secure with constant updates.

Search Engine Optimisation

I will rank your website for commercial search terms targeting Tasmania.

TCCI Members are eligible for a free 30 minute consultation on how to grow their business using a website and online marketing strategies.

More About Hobart SEO Consultant

Nick Cavarretta has worked professionally within the web industry for over 10 years, earning a reputation for getting measurable results for his clients.

As a specialist in technical SEO and web development with new technologies, Nick’s interests include automation and blockchain technology adoption for business.


Most frequent questions and answers

I will act as your advisor and guide you into a service that is affordable and easy to manage where you own the digital asset. This allows me to make sure you’re using the right server specifications for your website and that you have complete control and security over the digital assets.

Yes. I can build websites if there are mockups and style guides, which all good designers will provide. See this website as an example of a website built from another designer.

Client Websites (The ones I can share)

  • Soundproof Podse-Commerce store accepting Bitcoin. Designed and Developed for a client from scratch. No SEO done to this website.
  • Roost Laptop StandShopify Partner Store, success story for SEO and sales online.

Tasmanian Clients (so far)

  • The Fresh Connection – Website rebuilt for cafe located in the Wellington Centre, offer catering services.
  • The Vigilante News – Encrypted website with Facebook API integration for pulling posts to a feed.
  • Holo Jewels (Built e-Commerce site with Afterpay, Product Feeds for Facebook & Instgram)
  • Pole Kitty Fitness (Built e-Commerce with booking system and members area with Facebook login. Created a rewards system on blockchain with token redemption via e-commerce)

Affiliate Websites (These are two websites I created at the start of 2019 for testing market impressions in Hobart)

  • Hens Party Hobart – 47.8k Impression in organic search over past 12 months. Rank in top 3 for all major keywords.
  • Smart Homes Tasmania – 26.2k Impression in organic search over past 12 months. Purposely changed the SEO to drop because people were calling me looking for the shop. Still ranks for some major keywords.

That’s all I can share at this stage. If you require more than this you need to contact me.

I often get the question if I work with social media.

I do not manage social media posts or pages, however, I can assist with implementing social APIs into your website.

See The Vigilante News as an example of social media feeds.

In most cases the answer is yes. If the website was built using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that generates code, or you have a custom built CMS (Content Management System) things become a little tricky.

I work well with WordPress CMS. I did start as a coder and could work with a custom PHP or static HTML site if required.

The process is to always audit a website before jumping in.

This is the very first stage when starting an online marketing strategy.

A website audit is an extensive report, that I personally write, outlining all the things that can be improved from a search engine perspective and providing the best solution for your website/business.

A website audit will always cover:

  1. Technical Audit
  2. Search Engine Audit
  3. Market Analysis

Yes I can, there hasn’t been a domain I haven’t been able to recover.

Contact me and claim your 30 min free consultation.

I will go over a few key points on a top level and point you in the right direction.

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By Hobart SEO Consultant


Be there when people "Google it"

I only use this information to contact you back regarding your inquiry.